iolite v4 (Government/NFP License) (1 yr)



iolite has been at the forefront of LA-ICP-MS for more than 10 years, and iolite v4 continues this legacy of excellence. Built from the ground up in C++ and python for speed and power, iolite v4 has an all new user interface, and runs at around 10 times faster than iolite v3. Now with Python 3 integration, flexibility and customisation is practically unlimited.

The Government/Not For Profit licence is for all governmental and not for profit organisations (as defined in the iolite v4 End User License Agreement).

If you are interested in a multi-year subscription (to avoid yearly payments), please contact us at

iolite v4 runs on Windows v7 and later, and MacOS > v10.12. Any reasonably new computer hardware (i.e. a computer purchased in the last few years) should be sufficient to run most applications within iolite v4. If you are processing more images or very large datasets (100s of MB to GB file sizes), more RAM might speed up processing time.


Please see the FAQ page for license details, but if you have any other questions, please contact


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